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New England Building & Remodeling, Inc.
New England Building & Remodeling, Inc.

Quality Work With Personalized Service Since 1987

New England Building & Remodeling
Here at New England Building & Remodeling, Inc., we  believe in quality work with personalized service.  Every project is approached and performed in a professional manner, so you can expect nothing but the best. We strive to complete every job on time and with results. Our team is made up of experienced, committed personnel, each with a broad array of abilities and skills. Our goal is to satisfy every customer


  • New England Building & Remodeling, Inc. has been in business as a General Contractor since 1987. We are incorporated and licensed in the State of Connecticut, registration numbers 569171 and MCO.901670.  We deal with both residential and commercial general contracting. We have a bond line in place for up to $2,000,000.00, and are fully insured.

  • We have seven full time employees, four of which are experienced lead carpenters. We have one carpenter's helper and two full time secretaries. We also employ up to three laborers when required. We have a complete list of subcontractors that we have worked with for the past ten years, as well as customer and supplier references.

  • We work with local architect to design and construct new, custom built homes. Additionally, we are skilled in every aspect of construction from small additions to large commercial projects. We offer competitive pricing and on time performance. Call us today for your free estimate and consultation.

President:  Frank Corsini Jr.
Corporate Secretary: Lynda Corsini


  New Construction  *  Renovations  *  Additions  *  Roofing  *  Decks  *  Insulation  *  Painting  *  Window & Door Replacement  *  Kitchen & Bath  Remodeling  *  HVAC  *  Electrical  *  Drywall  *  Wood & Vinyl Siding  *  Flooring  *  EcoStar Roofing

Commercial & Residential

Remodeling • Renovating • New Construction
478 Sawmill Road • Guilford, CT 06437
Phone: (203) 458-9545
Fax: (203) 453-6054

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